IRS Warns Of 2017 Tax Refund Delays

by Ashlea Ebeling, FORBES dated Aug 31, 2016

Better to owe taxes in April than to get a refund, and for the 2017 tax filing season, especially important. The Internal Revenue Service today issued a warning of 2017 tax refund delays for certain taxpayers, urging folks to adjust their tax withholding Read More..

2017 Tax Facts for Individuals or Families


Health Savings Accounts--2017

Maximum annual HSA contributions deductible--$3,400 for individual; $6,750 for family coverage

Catch-up contributions for individuals 55 or older (but less than 65) is $1,000.

Contribution limit prorated for partial year (1/12 per Read More..

Organizing Accounting Data

Are you guilty of shoebox accounting? Do you stuff all your receipts, bills and invoices in one place, hoping that someday, the world will come to a screeching halt, enabling you to file them properly? We all know that will never happen. And eventually, you'll find yourself trying to sort through Read More..

IRS Re-Tools Programs To Assist Taxpayers

Faced with a declining budget and increasing demand for services, the Internal Revenue Service is considering some major changes to ensure that it can meet future requirements for customer service, a new report from the Government Accountability notes.

The report says that the IRS was unable Read More..

Your Own Accounting System?

You want an accounting system that gives you peace of mind while increasing your bottom line. We're guessing that you also want to reduce taxes, improve cash flow, and manage your business more profitably.

That's what we do best! Work with us, and select the accounting system that best Read More..

6 Tips to Good Customer Service

Have you ever walked into a business only to be snubbed by the salespeople? Or maybe they acted annoyed with your patronage. If that's ever happened to you, chances are you weren't anxious to return to that establishment. The truth is that without customers-be they annoying, loud, needy, chatty, Read More..

8 Guidelines on Writing a Winning Tip Sheet

Every small business could use some free publicity. And tip sheets are the perfect way to get that free publicity. Media outlets love them because they are complete, ready-to-use publishing and reporting fodder. And once your tip sheet runs in a newspaper or is picked up by the local news channel, Read More..